About Mike Fear Photography

Freelance photographer based in Oxfordshire and Suffolk

Mike worked as senior fine art photographer for the National Maritime Museum, Sotheby's and Christie’s auction houses in London for many years.

Since going freelance, Mike has been entrusted with capturing the work of some of the UK's most notable artists, including Mary Fedden, Gillian Ayres and Christopher Wood. He has also photographed a number of important collections for acclaimed art collectors, art publishers and the National Trust.

Mike's 2019 exhibition, ‘Trees’, was inspired by his love for the environment and for the English countryside. Some of his favourite images were taken near his homes in Oxfordshire and Suffolk.

Notable Clients

Waddesdon Manor (Nation Trust)

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Ŵïķðƒöö Šīřåpķź Þøŗțķ

Ÿæʼnķìʼn Ðĩƥƨțŭř ßȩțļûĝ